A dry food plate is what your dog needs? in this blog you find out if that is true with Petman's take on the Subject for Dry food and Dog Fresh food.

Are We against Dry Food ?

Are we Against Dry Food?

The simple and clear answer is “NO”

Selecting the appropriate dog nutrition is the prime objective of every dog owner but due to a large number of available choices of dog foods, it becomes difficult sometimes. The dog owners are commonly overwhelmed by the various varieties of dog foods. They get confused about either they should feed their dog dry food or wet food. So, we at PETMAN, provide good quality fresh food for your dog. We are “Not Against” dry food but we believe that the quality of food matters for your dog’s health. Here is a detailed explanation about the pros and cons of dog dry food given by a veterinarian,Dr. Haris Raza (BSc, DVM), a Pets Nutrition Expert.

5 Reasons to Feed Dry Food to your Dog

1) Widely Available

The biggest benefit of dry food is its wide availability all over the world. Dog dry food has become very common in the country and pet owners can easily buy it from any pet shop. You don’t need to travel long distances to purchase the dog dry food. It is easily obtainable from any pet shop in your town. Several brands and companies are manufacturing dog dry food which provides you a choice to select the brand’s food that fits best for your dog’s health. Dry food or kibbles are also available in different shapes and sizes.

2) Long Shelf-life and Easily Palatable

The moisture content in dog dry food is much less when compared to wet food. Approximately, the wet food contains 70-85% moisture while it is only about 10% in the dry food. This less moisture content gives the dry food a longer shelf-life (storage life) as compared to the wet food. The dry food can be kept open for many days without any spoilage. Before finishing, the dry food is compressed under high pressure (about 300 bar) and then heated to about 400 degrees Celsius. This removes most of the moisture content from the food giving it a long shelf-life. The dry food is also easily palatable for the dogs especially for the dogs who are messy eaters. Such dogs can easily take up dry food without turning themselves dirty.

3) Easy to Store

The dry food comes in the form of kibble which is mainly enclosed by air-tight packaging. In contrast to wet food, there are no chances of spillage of dry food. Dog dry food is easy to store, easy to handle, and easy to offer to your dog. You can simply open the package, pour the measured amount of dry food into the food bowl, and then offer it to your dog. If you used to travel with your dog, then it is very convenient for you to take the dry food with you. If you are not at home, anyone can comfortably feed this dry food to your dog.  

4) Time and Cost-Efficient

Dog dry food is usually cheaper as compared to wet food. A large number of brands are producing dry food so due to competition, you can buy dry food at a reasonable price. Also, you can buy dry food in bulk which saves your traveling time. It is also cost-efficient in the way that it saves your traveling expenses. It is time-efficient in the way that there is no need to cook or boil the food, unlike wet food.

5) Available in Various Formulations

One of the most important benefits of dog dry food is that it is available in various formulations. Different companies are making dry food with different formulations. These formulations are based on the age, breed, and health status of your dog. For example, a distinct formulation is prepared for middle age dogs and older dogs. For pups, energy-dense, small-sized dry food formulations are prepared by the companies. Dog dry food is considered healthy for the dental health status of the dogs due to its hard texture.


5 Reasons Not to Feed Dry Food to your Dog

1) Heavy Digestibility of Dry Food

It becomes very difficult for the dogs to digest dry food due to its firm consistency and dried form. The lumps or blocks of dry food should be broken down into smaller pieces for digestion which requires a lot of water and space in the stomach. It sometimes becomes difficult for the dogs due to the anatomy of their stomach. If the food lumps expand a little, the outer contents will be absorbed by the stomach and the rest of the mass is excreted and wasted unused. This not only creates a permanent shortage of certain nutrients but also significantly increases the amount of feces. Also, the dry food is not suitable for the pups and the aged dogs due to its firm consistency.


2) Damage to Teeth and Gums

If you are feeding your dog dry food, it causes the pH of the saliva to change permanently. The dry food absorbs any liquid present in the stomach and hence causes the production of more concentrated stomach acid; Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). This ultimately causes a change in the pH of saliva. As a result, the dogs have a high pH value which not only causes damage to the teeth but also contributes to the accumulation of tartar in the long run. Thus, a diet with dry food leads to severe tooth damage and decay which affects both the teeth and the gums leading to periodontal diseases in the dogs. Also, the high sugar content in some of the dog dry foods leads the foundation for several gum diseases (periodontal diseases) due to the growth of bacteria.

3)Dehydration and Overweight Issues

The lack of water (dehydration) is considered extremely dangerous for dogs. As the moisture level in dry food is very low, it becomes difficult for the stomach to break it down and digest it. So, most of the dogs experience a shortage of water while eating dry food. This shortage of moisture can lead to serious disturbances and damage to the organs. For example, the kidneys of the dog cannot be flushed properly, and diseases can develop or spread within the body. Dehydration due to dry food consumption can also lead to the rough hair coat of your dog.

The major ingredients in most dog dry foods are carbohydrates and grains which are ultimately converted into sugars. Thus, the dogs are exposed to a large quantity of sugars. This usually causes the dog to become overweight and obese. This problem prevails more when the dog is lacking exercise or energy. Also, the vegetable proteins significantly offer less amount of energy than animal proteins ultimately directing your dog towards low movement levels. Thus, low movements and less exercise leads to obesity in dogs.

 4) Risk of Salmonella

One of the biggest risks while feeding dry food to your dog is Salmonella. There is evidence that shows salmonella infections in humans linked with the dog dry food. Although the dog’s stomach has the ability to destroy the salmonella and then excrete it via the feces, constant feeding with contaminated dry food leads the problems in the stomach. Also, the continuous exposure to salmonella causes excessive production of stomach acid and increased stress on the stomach

5) More Grain than Meat

The basis of dog dry food produced by most of the companies is usually grains or cereals. Grains are a cheap and long-lasting filler that most companies use to compensate for the deficiency of the meat in dry food. But the grains can never substitute the nutritional profile of the meat. The dogs should not be considered omnivores. They are carnivores and need meat for their proper health and growth. Also, the addition of preservatives and chemicals like artificial coloring and flavoring agents are dangerous for dogs and comes at the expense of the health of your dog. Ultimately, when it comes to dry food, it can be assumed that it is an inferior food, which is not tailored to the needs and requirements of our dogs.

In conclusion,

we can say that the dog dry food has some pros and cons regarding the dog’s health and performance. The purchase and feeding of dry food are more convenient for dog owners than wet food. So, the dog owners should never choose dry food merely for their convenience or keeping in view their own benefits. They should prefer their dogs’ health status over their own convenience regarding dry food purchase. We are not against dry food, but we are against the low-quality dry foods manufactured by some brands. Such dog dry foods are a serious threat to your dog’s health. So, the dog owners should choose the dog food that fits best to their dogs' health and performance. We at PETMAN provide you with cooked dog food made with human-grade ingredients.

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