in this blog we help you choose Petman By telling you why a family of dog parents might change the life of your Dogo with their Dog Fresh food offers.

3 Reasons Why to choose Petman.

    3 Reasons why you should choose petman wuf wuf.


    Although my husband and I might have not started out as the best, we always strived to be the best pet owners that we could beGamila, our darling Rhodesian ridgeback girl, was the first dog that we adopted into our family. Gamila is your typical hyperactive dog: she could run around in the park and play fetch all day, whether we had the energy for it or not. Gamila taught us patience and pushed us to become more disciplined parents both for her and our beloved son Zein. After we discovered the joy that Gamila brought us, Fulla (an adorable beagle) joined our family as well.

    After some time, both Gamila and Fulla started to get sick from all different types of food. Due to our concern as puppy parents, we began experimenting with a variety of dog foods available at supermarkets. Between staggeringly high prices, the lack of both quality and consistency, and issues with accessibility it was nearly impossible to satisfy our puppies with this supermarket slop.

    During quarantine, we had a lot of time to research and test meals for our dogs until we came up with three basic meals that our dogs clearly enjoyed and didn’t get sick from.

    Because we were so successful with our pups, we expanded our reach and made these meals available to our friends and families’ pets. So why not make it available in the open market too?



    We love our dogs just like we love our baby boy. Just like we can’t cut corners with him, we definitely can’t cut corners with our pups. Unlike many large dog food manufacturers, we aim to provide a wide variety of human-grade, locally sourced nutrients and steer away from confining nutrients to solely meat byproducts or non-human grade ingredientsYour dog will always recognize the difference in quality; just like you do. Not only will your pets sometimes refuse to eat the meal you give them, but side effects like sickness and regular vet visits can be largely avoided by feeding them well.

    As a start, we bought fresh human-grade ingredients and cooked them ourselves, at home. Once we saw how successful this was with our dogs and our loved ones’ dogs, we began partnering with a kitchen to make our recipes come to life while maintaining our rigid standards of quality.



    We are always learning and improving our business and we ultimately aim to grow as a team. But we cannot do this without you! Your feedback is the core of our business and our primary way to develop and improve our business.  We will act as quickly as we can to improve our business, provide you with the best experience we can and, above all, serve the best products to your pet pals.

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